Stop Worshiping Silence

Look - I get it.

The world is busy. Life is busy. Things can get pretty loud and overwhelming. I understand the natural desire that we have for less of everything. For a ‘return to nature.’ It adds up. It makes sense. It’s a good thing. It’s a healthy thing.

But it can become an idol.

Silence for silence's sake is not much more than an obsession with control.

We should seek out silence for that which comes alongside it - if we want one-ness with God from it, then we should be seeking God in that silence. Maybe you’re seeking silence because you want peace. That’s fine - but the self-help assumption seems to be that silence is the only way towards peace.

Silence is the antithesis of secularism - or at least that’s what some would have you believe.

But what if I find God in the act of coloring? Or playing a zen video game? Or a loud video game? Or a workout session? Or - dare I say - in this Chili’s tonight?

Proclaiming silence as the cure-all for the busyness of life is like telling an addict to stop being addicted.

Explore avenues and possibilities for alleviating the stressors of life. Find methods that work for you and your experience. Not everyone has the time or luxury to pay for Headspace.

Silence is good. Sure.

But we must be honest - Jesus sought out both silence *and* loud dinner parties with the sinners and tax collectors. It’s not black-and-white. Re-focus where and what you worship.


April 6th, 2022