Creatives Deliver

In the world of the Internet, there has been a recurring theme - you get out what you put in. One might argue this to be a truism of the world in general. It may well be one. Regardless, it is especially true of the Internet.

Virality is never guaranteed.

But an audience is never given without first delivering the product.

If we are creating online for the purpose of reaching the right people, then we have our work cut out for us. We are practically emptying the ocean with a tablespoon. But not even a single millimeter of the ocean will be moved if we don’t show up.

One of the ways this concept is explored is by encouraging daily content creation that will be rewarded by the algorithm. Some might believe that this means that if they push hard enough for long enough then it is inevitable that something will eventually ‘work.’ This isn’t really the exercise at hand. Some platforms, like YouTube or TikTok, may occasionally reward the creator with that kind of virality. But that isn’t the purpose of the exercise.

You have to deliver. A creator has to create.

Consider the iconic phrase: “If you build it, they will come.”

Well, sure. But the more that you create, the better you get. Wouldn’t you want those arriving to your metaphysical baseball field in the countryside to get the best possible experience you can offer?

That only happens when you put in the work. Creating on a whim or living under the false parachute that you deserve virality will both inevitably result in the same crushing reality: the key difference between a creator and an influencer is that an influencer can lose their status. A creator cannot lose their creativity. An influencer shows up once and finds success. A creator doesn’t show up for success. They show up and that is the success.

Put in the work. For you, for them, for your goal - knowing your purpose is the first major step towards truly getting out what you are putting into the Internet as a platform.


March 2nd, 2022