It Happened Already

This is the 26th blog that I’ve written for Nathan Is Busy and I’ve already fallen prey to the constant vice that plagues my creativity.

I assumed that I needed an idea and a goal for each of these posts.

They don’t all need to be around 1000 words. Nor do they need to be entertaining, informative, or persuasive.

The objective of the stream of consciousness blog is not to garner some massive audience or to win some Bloggy award (if that’s even a thing).

It’s just to write. And to enjoy writing.

I’ve sat here for twenty minutes now staring at my screen, stressed about what to write. Why? There’s no outside pressure. No impetus on this endeavor at all. This doesn’t have to happen. It doesn’t have to be daily. It doesn’t have to have some moral or theme at the end.

It can just be.

This won’t be the last time that I fall prey to this temptation. I’m not sure what it is in my psyche that leads to this result - but it’s very typical. So I give myself permission to experience it, address it, and move on from it.

So… hello from the experience of unmet expectations! Until next time.


April 5th, 2022