Two-Hundred Eyes

As I write this twentieth daily blog, I want to acknowledge a few things.


Thank you for reading this and being the first to support this relaxation technique for me. I’ve started many of these types of exercises before.

Few of them, I must admit, make it to twenty.

So - congratulations to us?


According to our analytics, we’ve officially reached over a hundred unique IP addresses on these blogs. That’s outstanding. Some of you are returning for multiple blogs. Others of you read one and decide this isn’t the right time or vibe for you.

Regardless, over a hundred folks have chosen to click on my random musings.

Some are more serious than others. All of them authentically written without manuscript or outline. I’ve written a few over morning coffee. Some have taken five minutes - others have taken a short lifetime so far to learn.

I can’t imagine what has led to one hundred delightful people with (roughly) two hundred total eyeballs to look in my direction, but I hope it’s been what you needed for the time being. I’m going to push on and keep these coming.

If you have ideas or questions I can answer in blog format, send me a message on any of the platforms that I post these on or shoot me an email at

I hope you continue to enjoy these little pieces of my brain each day - it’s my pleasure to offer them.


March 26th, 2022