People Don't Get Ready

There is a fundamental disconnect in the concept of ‘Ready, Set, Go.’

I think most of us know how to go. Some of us are quicker on the draw than others, but we all have a general idea of what it takes to start something or do the next thing.

We also have a good idea of what it means to be set. We are eyeing the clock, considering the deadline, and marking our calendars constantly.

Where we seem to be missing the mark is what it means to be ready.

The reality of readiness is that it demands preparation. The time between knowing about a race and running the race could be days, months, or years - the prep time is variable.

In my experience, people procrastinate the ready and try to squeeze all of the preparation in the few moments before we are called to get set.

Worst case scenario - our panic to squeeze in our readiness messes up our ability to ever set ourselves up and leads to a delayed go.

We need more researchers. More preparers. More students.


June 24th, 2022