Offering Up Catharsis

I’ve been a lifelong music lover. There are some songs that stand out above the rest for me and I’d bet that they do for you, too. I’m not even talking about earworms here - I’m talking about what the Christian Contemporary Music scene understands so well: catharsis.

That feeling when your spine tingles with those perfect words.

Or the dissonance does something out of your control.

Or the tears well up in your eyes inexplicably.

Or you picture a lost loved one and wonder why.

As creatives, we are in the business of providing these experiences through our shared offerings. I can’t imagine a comment much more flattering than being told that I evoked that cathartic feel from something I created.

Offer catharsis.

And, if you experience that feeling with someone else’s creative work, let them know.

Creatively and feedback are both rooted in experience - offer both abundantly and gracefully.


March 5th, 2022